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Wooden Spatulas, Cookie Shovels and Flippers
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The Finest in U.S. Made Wood Flippers, Spatulas, Ladles, Spoons, and Kitchen Cooking Utensils
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Made in the USA
by local craftsmen from native hardwoods!


Wooden Flippers and Spatulas
The grace and beauty of these wooden flippers
is hard to beat.
We offer many styles and shapes of wooden kitchen flippers so no matter what you are cooking in the kitchen you'll have the right wooden kitchen tool for the job! Our hardwood wooden kitchen tools and utensils will not scratch your stainless or teflon pans, griddles, cookie sheets or pots. Crafted in Appalachia from native hardwoods (cherry and maple) by local crafts men and women.

12 inch Giant Shovel
The superlative wooden spatula and giant cooking shovel. This is a wooden kitchen tool you will find hard to live without. You'll find yourself loving the soft feel and delicate way it treats your fine cookware and teflon griddles and cookie sheets..

Giant Shovel

wooden straing shovel spatula
12 inch Giant Straining Shovel
The superlative wooden straining spatula. Great for straining poached eggs, and any other straining job. You'll find yourself loving the soft feel and delicate way it treats your fine cookware and teflon griddles and cookie sheets..
Giant Straining Shovel

Wooden Burger Spatula

12 inch Burger Flipper
The superlative wooden burger flipper. Great for burger partys, barbecues and camping, and any other burger flipping job. You'll find yourself loving the soft feel and delicate way it treats your burgers and fine stainless steel frying pans, cookware and teflon griddles.
12inch Burger Flipper
10 inch Straining Flipper
A fantastic wooden straining utensil. Superb for fried eggs, poached eggs, and removing any food from water or cooking oil, butter etc. Also nice for serving when sauces are a little thin or watery.
Left or Right Straining
Select Left or Right
12 inch Long John Flipper
For those really big pancakes, giant sandwiches, mighty omelets and of course the long john donut. This flipper will be the one you run for when you need to flip big or get two eggs or two burgers at a time.
12inch Long John Flipper
8 inch Mini Cookie Shovel
Cookies and pastries as well as candies will love the natural feel of your cookie shovel. It's small for fast shoveling of cookies and tasty treats. So many uses if you think about it.
8 inch Mini Cookie Shovel
10 inch Standard Flipper
The ultimate flipper for flipping, serving, slicing, and scraping. So many uses, so light and fast. You will reach for this again and again, we do.
10 inch Standard Flipper Spatula
10 inch Small Flipper
Another shape another style to fit your needs. It flips, shovels, serves, and works like a maniac. The ultimate camping utensil. Lots of fun. Scrambles, flips, stirs and scrapes.
10 inch 'Small' Flipper-Spatula

Wooden Spoons and handcrafted Ladles Made In The USA

14 inch Cookie Shovel
The workaholic and essential kitchen tool for the cookie maker. Au natural non scratching cookie fun and probably 1,000 other uses too.
14 inch Cookie Shovel
12 inch Cookie Shovel
A little shorter for that 'personal' sizing in your cookie shovel. A Cookie maker tool to last a lifetime and hand down to the kids.
12 inchCookie Shovel
9 inch Baby Flipper
Certain jobs or hands just demand a small flipper. Works great for stir fry dishes and more. A quest to bring you that perfect heirloom. A can't live without kitchen utensil!
9 inch Baby Flipper


Other Wooden Treenware of Interest

  • Cake and Pie Servers
  • Decorative & Deeper Granny & Heart Spoons
  • Deep Serving Spoons

Our wood spoons and wooden ladles are handcrafted by the local citizens of Appalachia. Your purchase of a wooden spoon or ladle goes to support local peple working hard to not only supply useful tools and items but also beautiful works of craft as well. All wood is locally harvested and selectively cut on well managed wood lots, and all scraps are reused for a wide variety of purposes including heating the shop.

Thank you for looking and shopping and we know that our kitchen utensils and tools will exceed your expectations!

GO GREEN - GO ECO - GO SUSTAINABLE -The Kids will be glad you did!

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