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Made in the USA
by local craftsmen from native hardwoods!

Handy, Cool and Unique Kitchen Gadgets & Cooking Tools
Wood Letter Opener, Magic Wand, Left Right Spoons, Mini Ladles,
Big Mouth Strainer Spoon, Coffee SpoonPickle Fork, Large Meat and Salad Hands, Fondue Fork, Itsy Bitsy Spoon, Tea Bag Tweezer,

ALL Wooden Spoons, and Wooden Treenware Orders Are ONLY Shipped by United States Postal Service (USPS) Parcel, or Priority Mail. PLEASE DO NOT SPECIFY ANY OTHER SHIPPING METHOD ON CHECKOUT

Letter Opener

11 inch Letter Opener
A nice contemporary hardwood letter opener for home or office. Contemporary styling for home or the office.

11 inch Letter Opener

fondue fork

10 inch Fondue Fork
A statement of style and simplicity. A handcrafted hardwood wooden fondue fork for you and your guests. A true wooden scandinavian treenware design for fondue Serving fun! A work of art.

10 inch Wood Fondue Fork

Honey Dipper

8 inch Handcrafted Wooden Honey Dipper
A nice easy cleaning wood honey dipper. Honey dipping bliss for tea and biscuits.

Honey Dipper

sipping spoon

12 inch Wooden Sipping Spoon

A handy handmade rustic wood sipping spoon for tasting and sipping that next great soup or sauce. A classic wood cooking utensil design keeps those taste buds at peak performance.

12 inch Sipping Spoon

ying yang sticks

11 inch Ying Yang Sticks

An update to the chop sticks. Fun and easy to use wooden chopsticks. Kids love this fun new take on the classic chop stick.

11 inch Wood Chop Sticks

12 inch skimmer no drip

12 inch and 15 inch No-Drip Skimmer Spoon

A handy very handy handmade kitchen cooking utensil for skimming and serving. You'll find yourself reaching for this hard to find wooden kitchen cooking utensil and loving it. Great for green bean serving, poached egg scooping, and skimming efficiency. Handcrafted hardwood quality wooden skimmer spoon that will last for a generatoin or two.

12 inch Wood Skimmer
Spoon/ladle- No-Drip

15 inch No-Drip Skimmer Spoon/Ladle

Select Skimmer Ladle Style

Trivia Utensil Gift Set

Trivia Gift Set
A fun selection of trivia tools and utensils for fun, conversation and usefulness.The Trivia Gift Set includes: 9 inch Small Spatula, 10 inch Olive Spoon, 12 inch Yin Yang with Fork, 11 inch Batter Beater, 10 inch Ice Tea Spoon, The Tweezer included is the Buffet Serving Tweezer shown below.

Trivia Gift Set

Toast Tweezer

9 inch Buffet Serving & Toast Tweezer - Mini Wood Tongs -
What more can be said? A superlative toast tweezer and a classy buffet serving utensil for gripping and grabbing dainty morsals like shrimp, fruits, cheese, and hot toast etc..

9 inch Wood Serving Tweezers - Tongs

back scratcher

16 inch Wooden Back Scratcher

Got an itch? Here's the tool to reach and scratch it. Simple design and simply satisfying to get at that itch when the need arises.

16 inch Back Scratcher

Giant Wooden Spatula and Shovel

Large Non Scratching Wood Spatula!

12 inch Giant Shovel
The superlative wooden spatula and giant cooking shovel flipper. This is a hard to find wooden kitchen utensil you will find hard to live without. You'll find yourself loving the soft feel and delicate way it treats your fine cookware, teflon griddles and cookie sheets..

Giant Shovel

12 inch Wisp

12 inch Wood Mixing and Stiring Wisp

A handy wooden tool for whipping and beating. A simple and outstanding scratch free cooking utensil for superior care and handling of your fine mixing bowls.

12 Inch Wisp

Right or Left Spoons

12 Inch Classic Right or Left Work Spoon
The classic wood kitchen spoon in right for left for easy pot scraping and stirring. Stirring, serving, and tasting will be a joy with this classic right or left handed work spoon. Heavy shaft for strength and generations of use.

12 inch Classic Right Left Work Spoon
Select Right or Left Spoon

Classic Wood Small Salt Spoon

4½ Salt Spoon
Handy and stylish wood salt spoon. An itsy bitsy spoon for all types of seasoning

4½ Classic Small Salt Spoon

Swedish Spreader

Swedish Style Wood Knife Spreader
Swedes will all recognize this wooden knife and spreader. A piece of history and a piece of Sweden.

Swedish Wood Spreader Knife

Tea bag Tweezer

Tea Bag Tweezer
A wood tea bag tweezer and tea bag squeezer where function and form meet.

Tea Bag Tweezer

Duo Measuring Spoon

The Duo Measuring Spoon
One of the latest designs from the treenware masters. A Perfect gift for cooks and chefs. An elegant masterpiece of wooden kitchen measuring utility and fun. An amazing feel and very useful. You'll find your self reaching for this tool on a daily basis! 1tsp and 1 tbsp. Fairly long handled so it will fit down easily in flour bags and canisters.

Duo Measuring Spoon

Coffee Spoon

The 1/4 Cup Wood Coffee Spoon
This larger coffee spoon will become a dear friend during your morning coffee ritual. The perfect gift for coffee lovers!
5 1/2 inches long.

1/4 Cup Coffee Spoon

The Spurtle Scraper

12 inch Wood Spurtle
You gotta try it and you'll love it. The incomparable scraper and kitchen tool. This tool can do it all. It stirs. it scrapes, it flips, it mixes, it chops, and more. May just become the kitchen utensil you reach for most, it is in our kitchen.

12 inch Spurtle

10 inch serving tongs

10 inch Wood Serving Ice Tongs and General Serving
Unique and ingeniuos wooden serving tong design is long lasting and simply marvelous. Tongs are open, and squeeze to grip and shut. These non scratching handcrafted contemporary yet classic serving tongs are perfect for ice, salads, flipping a steak or grabbing a a pastry or serving a danish. Tongs come with lanyard.

10 inch Serving Tongs

Bowl Scraper Tool

Wood Mixing Bowl Scraper
Scrape out all the goodness with ease. For a mixing and baking tool this can't be beat. Feels great in the hand and works even better. A simple, excellent and must have cooking utensil. So simple and so useful. Protect your stainless and copper bowls with wood whisks and bowl scrapers. Talk about simple and handy? This is it! A simple gift for that chef in your life.

Wooden Bowl Scraper

9 inch Salad hands

13 Inch Wood Salad Hands
Right and left salad serving hands for a stylish statement and just plain serving fun. Use them to grab a roast too:) Will compliment even the nicest hand turned wood salad bowls.

13 inch Salad Hands

Our handcrafted hardwood kitchen utensils make the perfect gift for professional and amatuer chefs and home cooks. The care that is taken in handcrafting these items is evident in the satin smooth finish of the finished spoons, ladles and unique kitchen utensil.

The kids will be glad you did!

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