Windrush Gallery Online contemprary wooden kitchen tools and utensils
Wood utensils and serving tools and cutting and serving boards for Bars and Restaurants.
Our Fine Crafted and handy Wood Kitchen Tools and Gadgets Are The Best!
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Made in the USA
by local craftsmen from native hardwoods!

High Quality Wood Sandwich Serving Boards with Handles
Restaurant and Bar Hardwood Cutting Serving Boards for Bread,
Sandwiches and Appetizers

ALL Wooden Treenware Orders Are ONLY Shipped by United States Postal Service (USPS) Parcel, or Priority Mail. PLEASE DO NOT SPECIFY ANY OTHER SHIPPING METHOD ON CHECKOUT Please call first for Rush or Overnight Shipping

Wood Serving Sandwhich Board

10 X 5½ Sandwhich
and Serving Board with Handle

These classy US Made Sandwich and Serving boards are used by some of the finest chefs and restaurants in the United States including the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Serve your next great sandwhich or menu item in a stylish way. Great for serving your artisan bread and appetizers too. Call Crede Calhoun at 1-800-446-7554 for Commercial Quantity Pricing. These of course will work well as a high quality wood serving and cutting board for cheeses.

Sandwhich Serving Board
with handle

18inch Wood Sandwhich Board - Cutting Board - Bar Board

18 inch Large Wood Cutting and Serving Board
These fine wood cutting and serving boards are beautifully finished and great for small cutting jobs, serving and use in bars and restaurants for serving sandwhiches, special menu items or chateau briand. Found in the finest hotels and restaurants in the United States and beyond. These fine art quality wooden serving boards with handles will last for a lifetime and beyond. Boards are satin smooth and treated with 100% organic flax seed oil.
(Call Crede Calhoun at 1-800-446-7554 for commercial quantity pricing.)

18 inch Cutting and Serving Board

Olive Spoon

10 inch Olive Spoon
You gotta try it and you'll love it. TheWooden Olive Spoon is THE tool for removing olives from jars and serving olives at home or at the bar. Serving up olives was never so stylish and easy as it is with the handcrafted wooden olive spoon.

10 inch Olive Spoon

Butter Board with Wood Knife

USA Made Handcrafted Butter and Cheese Board with Wood Knife
This fine wood butter board is perfect for fridge use and serving butter or a slab of soft or hard cheese in the dining room or during cocktail hour. Board will fit in almost any fridge butter tray.

Butter-Soft Cheese Board

12 inch Muddler

12 inch Wood Muddler Tool

A handy tool for muddling herbs and more! Bartenders and chefs will love this handcrafted wood muddler.

12 Inch Muddler

Olive Dish

16 inch 'Art' Wood Olive Dish
These fine wood olive dishes are perfect for top end dining and classy bar serving. Set your next cocktail hour off with these long ans skinny handcrafted wood olive dish.
(Call for commercial quantity pricing)

16 inch Olive Dish

Olive Dish

10 inch Olive Dish
These fine wood handcrafted olive dishes are perfect for top end dining and classy bar serving. Looking for the next great serving item for cocktail hour? Here it is.
(Call for commercial quantity pricing)

10 inch Olive Dish

Cracker Bowls

10 inch Long Wood Cracker Dish Bowl
These fine wood cracker trays are perfect for top end dining and classy bar serving. Combine this with the wood butter and cheese board for a truly nice and stylish presentation.
(Call for commercial quantity pricing)

Handcrafted Wood Cracker Tray

12 inch serving tongs

12 inch Wood Cooking - Serving Tongs
Unique and ingeniuos tong design is long lasting and simply marvelous. Tongs are open, and squeeze to grip and shut. These serving tongs are perfect for cooking tasks, ice, salads, buffet self service, flipping a steak or grabbing a pastry or serving a danish. Tongs come with lanyard.

12 inch Serving Tongs

12 Inch Serving Tongs

12 Inch Cat Paw Tongs
Serving tableside? The classic and stylishly elegant tongs for tableside serving salads, pastas, potatoes you name it. Each tong comes with lanyard. Does it get any simpler than this?

12 inch Cat Paw Tongs

11 inch Salad hands

11 Inch Salad Hands
Right and left salad serving hands for a stylish tableside serving statement and just plain serving fun for your guests. Chefs can use them to grab a roast too:) Will compliment even the nicest hand turned wood salad bowls. Come with lanyard.

11 inch Salad Hands

Spagheti and Pasta Server - Fork

12 inch Spaghetti and Pasta Server
The pasta server you've been looking for.

12 inch Pasta/Spaghetti Server

12 inch Deep Serving Spoon

12 inch Deep Spoon
Are you looking for a great breakfast buffet serving tool for dry goods like cereal etc that won't chip your glass bins or jars. Well here it is. Used in many of the finest hotels and motels.

12 inch Deep Serving Spoon

9inch Kitty Paws

9 Inch Kitty Paw Tongs
Unique and ingeniuos tong design is long lasting and simply marvelous. The perfect additon to your first class self serve buffet line. Tongs are open and squeeze to grip and shut. These Kitty Paws are perfect for handling just about anythng from cherry tomatoes to steaks on the barbi to toast or muffins. Come with lanyard.

9 inch Kitty Paw Tongs

Tea bag Tweezer

Tea Bag Tweezer
A tea bag tweezer and tea bag squeezer where function and form meet. The perfect solution to an age old problem for you and your guests.

Tea Bag Tweezer

12 inch skimmer no drip

12 inch No-Drip Skimmer Spoon

A handy very handy kitchen cooking utensil for skimming and serving. You'll find yourself reaching for this and loving it.

12 inch Skimmer - No-Drip

Toast Tweezer

9 inch Buffet Serving & Toast Tweezer - Mini Tongs -
What more can be said? A superlative toast tweezer and a classy buffet serving utensil for gripping and grabbing dainty morsals like shrimp, fruits, cheese etc..

9 inch Serving Tweezers - Tongs

Other Measuring and Scooping Tools Of Interest

  • Measuring Cups
  • Measuring Scoops
  • Standard Scoops

Our wood spoons and wooden ladles are handcrafted by the local citizens of Appalachia. Your purchase of a wooden spoon or ladle goes to support local crafts people working hard to not only supply useful tools and items but also beautiful works of craft as well. All wood is locally harvested and selectively cut on well managed wood lots, and all scraps are reused for a wide variety of purposes including heating the shop. Our shop workers take great pride in their craft so please feel free to send us a not about their work.

Thank you for looking and shopping and we know that our kitchen utensils and tools will exceed your expectations!

GO GREEN - GO ECO - GO SUSTAINABLE -The Kids will be glad you did!

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